Practice Direction No. 10

Case Management Conference Briefs

Effective Date: February 4, 2015

  1. As has been the practice before the Specific Claims Tribunal (Tribunal), parties to a claim must, subject to any further direction from the presiding member, file a brief five business days prior to a scheduled Case Management Conference (CMC). The brief shall update the Tribunal on the status of the claim and on that party’s efforts to move the claim forward expeditiously, and will address progress towards any deadlines established by the Tribunal, with due regard for the requirements of Rule 49 of the Specific Claims Tribunal Rules of Practice and Procedure, SOR/2011-119. 
  2. Failure to file a brief in accordance with this Practice Direction without reasonable explanation may lead to that party’s exclusion from participation in the CMC.
  3. If a party is excluded from participating in a CMC due to the provisions in paragraph 2 of this Practice Direction, any costs relating directly to the exclusion, such as those incurred in participating in an additional CMC, may be awarded against the excluded party. The Tribunal may award such costs upon application by another party or on its own motion. 

Honourable Harry Slade, Chairperson
Specific Claims Tribunal