Specific Claims

For the first time in Canadian history, First Nations now have a choice to file a claim with the Tribunal — an independent adjudicative body aimed at accelerating the resolution of specific claims in order to provide justice for First Nations claimants and certainty for government, industry and all Canadians.


Notice – Designation of His Majesty the King in cases before the Tribunal: Henceforth, parties should designate “His Majesty the King” rather than “Her Majesty the Queen” in any new filing where the Crown is a party. With respect to pending matters, the designation will be considered to have been so altered without the need to bring an application to amend the style of cause.



Welcome to the Specific
Claims Tribunal 

The Specific Claims Tribunal, established on October 16, 2008, is part of the Federal Government’s Justice at Last policy and joint initiative with the Assembly of First Nations aimed at accelerating the resolution of specific claims. The term “specific claims” generally refers to monetary damage claims made by a First Nation against the Crown regarding the administration of land and other First Nation assets and to the fulfillment of Indian treaties that have not been accepted for negotiation or that have not been resolved through a negotiated settlement within a specified time frame.

This site contains information about the Specific Claims Tribunal, its members, its enabling legislation and rules of procedure, claims filed with the Tribunal, decisions issued by the Tribunal, in addition to information and tools for parties appearing before the Tribunal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Tribunal provide funding to First Nations Claimants?

Funding may be available under a program administered by the Financial Management and Strategic Services Division of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. See “Funding”.

How do I find out if a claim is before the Tribunal?

All claims filed with the Specific Claims Tribunal are listed under the Claim section. Filtering options are also available to assist in narrowing searches. 

If the claim you are looking for is not listed on the Specific Claims Tribunal website, you may find the claim on the Specific Claims Branch website and we suggest you refer to their website for any inquiries.

How do I request documents filed in a claim before the Tribunal?

The Specific Claims Tribunal website contains the Declaration of Claim, Response to the Declaration of Claim and any amendments to these pleadings filed in each claim. Anyone wishing to request additional documents or a list of all documents filed in a claim should send a request in writing to the Registry at claims.revendications@sct-trp.ca.

Are decisions of the Tribunal final?

Specific Claims Tribunal’s decisions are final and conclusive. While not subject to appeal, a decision of the Tribunal is subject to judicial review under the Federal Courts Act

Are decisions published on the Tribunal’s website? 

Initial copies of Decisions are provided to the parties in the language of the claim. The Decisions are then published in both English and French on the website under the section SCT Decisions.

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