Strategic Outcome and Program Activities

This is a graphic that looks like a logic model or organizational chart that illustrates the Registry of the Specific Claims Tribunal of Canada’s framework for how its program activities contribute towards its strategic outcome.

There are three single boxes down the left margin serving as row headers that contain the following words:  “Alignment to Government of Canada Outcomes”, “Strategic Outcome” and “Program Activities”.

To the right of the first box, there is a single rectangular box with the words: “Social Affairs: A Vibrant Canadian Culture and Heritage” in it. This box represents the “Alignment to Government of Canada Outcomes”.

Attached to and below this box, there is a rectangular box with the words: “Efficient Administration of the Specific Claims Tribunal” in it. This box represents the “Strategic Outcome”.

Below this box, there are two boxes attached with the words ”Registry Services” and “Internal Services” in them.  These boxes reprensent the “Program Activities”.