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Message from the Chair

Specific Claims Tribunal Canada

Tribunal des revendications particulières Canada

427 Laurier Avenue, 4th floor/4ième étage

Box/C.P. 31, Ottawa (Ontario), Canada   K1R 7Y2

June 7, 2011


Message from the Chair

The following media release will be provided to the newswire service:

Specific Claims Tribunal Set to Receive Claims

            The Specific Claims Tribunal of Canada announced today that the Tribunal is open for filing of Specific Claims by First Nations and is now prepared to proceed with case management. These claims arise out of alleged breaches of federal duties and seek compensation from the Crown.

            “We are fully prepared to do what we can to assist parties in the consensual resolution of specific claims”, said Tribunal Chair, Justice Harry Slade. “Nevertheless, we are also prepared for the resolution of cases through the adjudicative process.”

            A specific claim is one in which the claimant First Nation does not seek compensation in excess of $150 million. To date, 74 claims qualify for filing, with 161 on track to qualify by October 2011.

            “This will put a strong demand on our resources, and along with my fellow Tribunal members, Justice Johanne Mainville and Justice Patrick Smith, we are currently ramping up our capacity to address these claims in a fair and efficient manner”, said Justice Slade.

            “The decisions taken by the Tribunal will be final and binding on all parties”, he added. “This is a marked departure from the previous process and will expedite the claims resolution process significantly.”

            The Specific Claims Tribunal Rules of Practice and Procedure have been posted on the Tribunal website, along with the prescribed form of Declaration of Claim.

For further information:

Raynald Chartrand
Deputy Head and Registrar




Justice Harry Slade

Chairperson, Specific Claims Tribunal